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Important note


In this sector we want to show and explain all the EMAS Technologies and Methods.

 This free accessible video material can help you  to build your own water supply- system.


We want to thank Mr. Mark Tiele Westra and his colleagues from the dutch organization akvo.org for all help obtained during buildup of this page.

Akvo.org has created Akvopedia, an encyclopedia for all free available water- knwoledge  in developing countries.


EMAS provides worldwide courses in this technologies. Every year there ist also an international course in Bolivia. Contact us if you are interested.


During the past years, the use of this technologies and methods in developing countries have proved to be reliable and safe. Precautionary we advise that we cannot take responsibility for the success of your work nor possibe damages occured during construcion or use.


But we do have a small appeal:

If you are actually using the EMAS- Technology or are about  to do it, please give us some feedback. We would be very grateful for it!